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Making a website – hiring an agency

It is reasonable to leave the creation of the website to the agency, especially if it is necessary for the website to be well thought out and presentable. A well-thought-out and professional website perfectly fulfills the marketing objectives, having a good impact on the business.

2023-06-29 by Sebastian Pikand

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Making a website – hiring an agency

It is a good idea to hire an agency, especially if you need a well-designed and representative website. A competent agency can create a website that is visually attractive and user-friendly, but also fulfills the company's broader marketing goals. In this article, we describe what to keep in mind when ordering a website from an agency and how the process looks like.

Important points to consider when ordering a website

Understanding website goals as the foundation of everything

First of all, you need to make it clear what you want to achieve with your website, i.e. what is the goal of the website. This involves first identifying the target audience and creating a customer persona. Then you have to think about what the website should look like and what functions it should definitely have – for example, will there be an online shop or does the website need some animations? It's a good idea to look for website examples in advance – find out what sites are beautiful and/or have the features you want. It's good to show such websites to the agency as samples and inspiration, so that they can get the right vision.

Determining the budget – how much can you pay for creating a website?

Determine your budget and negotiate with the agency to find a solution that works for both parties. Negotiations with the agency will help to clarify which website can be created depending on your budget.

Deadlines, i.e. how quickly should the website be completed?

Establish a timeline for the website project and make sure it works for both you and the agency. It is important to establish milestones and deadlines to ensure the smooth progress of the project.

Making an average website takes 3–5 weeks, but a lot depends on the administrative time spent. For example, an important difference lies in whether the client already has content (pictures, videos, texts) at the beginning of the project or whether they need to be created. Also, the communication process affects the duration of the project – for example, if an agency sends a website design concept for review, the further time spent depends on how quickly a response is received from the client.

The question may arise, how quickly can an agency start a website? Some agencies can start work a few days after signing the contract, but for more well-known agencies, this period can be longer.

The choice of agency as a very important decision

It is very important to review the previous work of agencies and make sure which agencies have made websites similar to your vision.

Understanding the process is the foundation of good communication

It’s good to understand the design and development process, i.e. to understand the steps involved in creating a website and what needs to be communicated. 

Communication is the key

Communication is the key in any successful project. Make sure you establish clear lines of communication and have a contact person – usually the project manager – who can keep you updated on the progress of the website on a regular basis.

Support after the website is completed

Discuss with the agency what support and further maintenance or management practices your website will require after completion. Make sure the agency provides ongoing support, such as regular updates and security maintenance.

Taking the above points into account, it is possible to make a well-thought-out decision to choose the right agency for you, as well as ensure a smooth website creation process.

In the following, we describe how ordering a website from an agency looks like.

The process of ordering a website from the agency

An initial consultation will take place

The agency starts with an initial consultation to learn more about your business, goals and budget. They ask questions about your target audience and also explore what the website should look like and what elements it should definitely have.

The agency makes a proposal and a contract is signed

Based on the initial consultation, the agency prepares a proposal outlining the scope, schedule and cost of the project. Once the proposal is accepted, a contract is signed and work can begin. Agencies can offer very different levels of quotes based on the same input. It is important to know that quotations are made on very different bases. The content and methodology of the work can vary a lot, and this is what causes the price quotations to differ.

A design concept is established

The agency will work with you to develop a website design concept. This includes the layout, color scheme and overall appearance of the elements.

Content is being created

Once the design is approved, the agency will start creating content for the website. This includes creating texts, images and graphics, and developing any videos or animations.

Development will begin

Once the design and content structure is in place, the agency begins developing the website. This means performing the necessary programming, setting up databases and integrating third-party software or tools.

Functions are tested and bugs are fixed if necessary

Once the website is ready, tests are carried out to ensure that the website functions properly. This includes testing responsiveness, speed and functionality. Errors may be discovered during testing, which will be corrected before the website is launched.

The website is launched 

After the testing is finished, the site will be launched. When the website is launched, it’s open to visitors and functions smoothly.

Further care

After the website is launched, attention is paid to various maintenance and administration tasks. They represent regular updates, security maintenance, and periodic testing to verify that everything is working as it should.

Ordering a website as a means to fulfill business and customer needs

In conclusion, ordering a website from an agency is a multi-step process, for which you need to understand for whom and why the website is being created, what the budget is and what the site should definitely have, before consulting the agency. Choosing an agency is a good idea if you want to create a website that is attractive and takes into account the interests of both the company and the customers. This helps to meet the marketing and financial goals of the business.

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