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The most popular Next.js-based websites and web applications

Several well-known brands and companies have chosen Next.js when creating their website. Next.js is the most popular web development framework based on React.js.

2023-06-29 by Sebastian Pikand

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The most popular Next.js-based websites and web applications

Next.js has been used to create websites and applications for several big brands

Next.js is the world's most popular web development framework based on React.js, which has been chosen by several of the world's best-known brands to develop their website or web application. Based on the categories, we selected three different areas, for each of which we highlight one website or application. We'll explain why Next.js is a good choice for them.

E-commerce – most watched YouTuber MrBeast’s online shop

MrBeast is a YouTuber with 150 million subscribers, making him the person with the most followers on YouTube at the moment. He has an online store which requires the site to support a very large number of people visiting the page. How do you create a site that can withstand such a load? The answer is choosing the right framework – MrBeast's online store is based on Next.js. 1

News – The Washington Post

The Washington Post is one of the most well-known newspapers and news portals in the United States. The team responsible for the development of the site must be able to create solutions that would support the enormous speed of news editing of The Washington Post, and it is also necessary for the page to withstand a large number of visitors. Next.js enables the lightning-fast creation of new functionalities that enable to meet the high demands of a popular news portal, without making the page slower or causing inconveniences to visitors. 2

Communication – Loom

The video communication platform Loom allows people to create screen recordings to share with their colleagues, making Loom a great tool for people and teams working with computers. Loom has also chosen Next.js as the core of its software. "With our platform based on Next.js, developers can quickly build features that allow users to build whatever they want, whenever they want," says Tatiana Mac, senior software developer at Loom. 3

Some more well-known brands and companies that have chosen Next.js

Several other well-known brands have also chosen Next.js for their website or web application, for example:

  • TikTok

  • Nike

  • HBO Max

  • Hilton

  • Porsche

  • Hyundai

  • GoPro

  • Target

  • Marvel

  • Notion

  • Twitch

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