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Botastico allows anyone to build ChatGPT agents with custom data

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About Botastico

Botastico is a SaaS tool that allows its users to build ChatGPT agents enriched with custom data. In other words, users can build customer support agents, interactive knowledge bases or even intelligence solutions integrated to other tools.

The Challenge

Botastico has its backend and API built using Python, which is an excellent choise as the data science and machine learning ecosystem is largely Python based. Bitropia was challenged to build the web service around the Python backend API.

Technologies used

Besides using our favourite tools for Botastico's webapp, Bitropia used Turborepo for a monorepo architecture. This allowed us to create local packages that could be shared between the client portal, the admin panel, and the public web.

Botastico uses Google Cloud Platfrom and Firebase for much of the services required for such an application, which was a great learning experience for our team.

Programming work for Botastico's web application coincided with the release of Next.js 13.4, which introduced a stable version of the App Router. It was a good opportunity to get experience with the new React.js paradigm – server components.


The result

As a result Bitropia designed and built a fully fledged web application and public web for Botastico.

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