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About Parrotz

Parrotz is a premium used vehicle dealership. The founders of Parrotz strive for excellent customer service and purchasing experience. With two showrooms and nearly 100 vehicles in their car park, Parrotz receives hundreds of customer interactions and thousands of web visits every day. Furthermore, Parrotz is always running multiple marketing campaigns to invite potential buyers to browse the showroom digitally, book test drives, and apply for financing.

As such, it is important for Parrotz to have a blazingly fast website with zero downtime.

The Challenge

Parrotz’s previous site was built using WordPress. Whilst good enough to get going with, an architecture based on WordPress became too unreliable once the site started receiving more traffic. In fact, when Parrotz invested heavily in marketing, the site experienced downtime because of WordPress having to fetch inventory for every visitor.

WordPress had to request inventory information from the vehicle management and customer CRM tool for each website visitor/page load. This made pages slow to load and at times of high volume the site was down, as the API of the inventory management tool blocked requests after certain threshold (rate limiting).

At the same time, Next.js builds static pages when changes in the inventory occur. This allows to serve the same HTML for all visitors. Such architecture makes the site extremely fast and downtime-proof.

Technologies used


The Result

Parrotz now has a site with zero downtime and ultra fast page load times. Necessary optimizations were done to make sure all pages deliver a smooth browsing experience.

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