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Our vast technology experience brings you a no-limits e-commerce store with blazing fast load times, deep personalization, and uncompromised technical foundation for the best SEO ranking.

Our e-commerce focus

A monolith e-commerce store, which handles the frontend and backend in a single server, is restricted to the performance and customization of the underlying e-commerce backend. Bitropia can build you a headless e-commerce store where the frontend, e-commerce backend, and data processing is decoupled.

About the sites we build

We focus on building headless e-commerce sites. A headless e-commerce site has no restrictions set by a single technology. Building a well performing e-commerce site has many considerations:

  • how to make sure data is in sync between business software, retail stores, and 3rd party marketplaces (Pigu, Kaup24, Amazon etc.)?
  • how can we deliver a performant site: fast page load times, fast products filtering, fast stock quantity load times?
  • how can we ensure no sales of stock that is out of quantity, if the products are sold on multiple fronts (retail, web, marketplaces)?
  • how to structure pages and content and what technical steps to take for better Google search engine ranking?

These are just a few examples of topic we focus on when building e-commerce sites.

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